In Gigi’s Spanish School, we structure our courses to be aligned with The Georgia Performance Standards for teaching Foreign Languages.  In each class, we work on speaking, listening, reading and writing by using a multicultural curriculum that is age-appropriate to the student’s learning stage as well his or her individual needs. We are strong believers that language learning is most successful when taught together with other children and not in isolation, this is why we have created our curriculum based on community learning where all teaching materials are worked in groups and only in Spanish. In this way we can maximize learning time and also guarantee real results. We also encourage language acquisition to be learnt through the natural way native speakers do by implementing The Total Physical Response Method (TPR). We also complement our TPR methodology by following an active teaching model where students have the opportunity to learn literacy and movement, phonetics and writing, and also culture. These areas rather than being taught with the repetitive use of traditional textbooks, are mastered through the full engaging of students by participating in our circle and center times in which students learn songs in our music center, become active readers in story time, play out narratives and do puppet shows. Students also learn by engaging in social play, and experience the world and different cultures with our passport series all while having fun. We also strategically link our centers and circle times by incorporating practical learning themes, students emerge themselves in a unit topic such as as daily routine activity, for example going to school, bedtime or going to a grocery store and by doing so students have the opportunity to put together all the vocabulary and grammar they have learnt in class and use the acquired knowledge in real life situations outside the classroom.

As part of our curriculum we also believe in the importance of homework specially if the student receives less than three hours of language instruction per week. For this reason we provide homework assignments that reinforce and complement what is being taught during regular classroom instruction. We also believe that parents play a vital role in their child’s education, this is why we closely work with parents to maximize the student’s potential by encouraging them to be an active actor in their learning process. Please note that parents do not need to know Spanish to help their child succeeded. Our homework assignments have instructions in English and primarily target easy topics such as vocabulary, reading books and also practicing songs we study during class. We provide you with the necessary materials to continue the learning at home such as audible books with vocabulary reviews, song cds, flashcards for vocabulary, and other interactive learning tools such as website links, and kids-friendly television shows for Spanish learners. We also send a weekly lesson plan, where parents can exactly know the materials students are learning for that week, we also provide weekly student reports as well conducting  monthly evaluations where the teacher as well as the parent can discuss the student’s progress also make any necessary adjustments to meet the student’s needs.

Finally, if you would like to get more detailed information on our teaching materials and methodologies,   we also offer samples of our classroom schedules, curriculum samples and very soon demo classes as well.